Self titled EP

by Entombed in the Abyss

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released August 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Entombed in the Abyss Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL Deathcore

Vocals - Adam Mercer

Lead Guitar/Vocals - Kaelan Hall

Rhythm Guitar - Dylan Hadas

Bass - Jason Shock

Drums - Gabe Kuilan
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Track Name: Six Paths Of Pain
Destroy their fucking mins
It destroys your mind
Destroys your fucking mental
losing all hope of reality
It controls your body
no sight no sound or feeling
contorting forms of your sanity
Taking lives from god

Divine servant we will smite you from the Earth
Track Name: Sanity Sacrificed Ft. Kyle Medina (Bodysnatcher)
I must remain awake

Staring through this glass

The speaker it begins whispers and laughs

This is not real

This is not life

A mad experiment hacking into our minds

I bathe in solace of dead people

It haunts me in ways you can't imagine

Hands bound by sides

Blades take their lives

The flesh it swings back and forth

Untill shit hits the ground

Splashing onto my face I begin to spew at the fucking sight

A thousand needles in every vein, poking through my brain, inflicting corrosive pain

I've become satisfied with insanities sacrifice.

Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher:

Insanities sacrifice is mine. No other can take my birthright. And I know where it all began from another place where we are free from all the ridicule. And still I prey. And still I prey.

And still I prey on every aspect of your being that reminds me of you is now my own sacrifice.
Track Name: Malevolent Execution Ft. Nick Arthur (Molotov Solution)
The light is an illusion I have spawned
Born to construct sanctuaries of a life after death
Existing to reassure you your soul can't be stolen
A reserved throne awaiting its predecessor
Distorts into a mantle before your very eyes
Displaying shackles bearing a future of appalling action against your will
The body goes numb dying out
Deceived I act relentlessly through your image
To entwine evil and darkness to engulf that's all mine
Disrupting an ambient sleep to awaken the damned
Enslaving the sadistic to bring back the forgotten
Stationary with no choice
This paralyzing paranoia brings you to the point of insanity
Until the day you are exiled the myth of begotten life will haunt you
Twisting and turning your thoughts Delusions bring you to the point of hyper ventilation
Deceived I act relentlessly
Entwining all that is mine
Disrupting ambient sleep
Bringing back the forgotten

Enslavement of all your souls
Imprisoned of all your lives

Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution:

The moment of your liberation
Leaves your body with your last breath
My omnipotence is ensured
With your exquisite death
Your eyes go blank
The Shepard cleans his blades
There is more of his mindless flock
Left to exterminate

These fucking hands hold the end of this damn leash and my hounds are set to kill

Track Name: Dangerous Times
The moment I saw your face

I realized something was missing

Not absence of color

But the most important thing to me

Each step approaching

Warns me of my

Temptations beating through

Keeping these thoughts in

Is not an option

They have turned to actions

The blood boils

Raising through my nasal cavity

Erasing every sense

That was given to me

They never said

This shit would happen to me

Counting down the days

Till this life pulls me away

Disengage from the thoughts

That make you who you are

Don't make me come back

I idolize your lives

Each step approaching

Warns me of my

Temptations beating through

Keeping these thoughts in

Is not an option

They have turned to actions

In the end it was you

The one I would be shoving my knife through

you fucking

Can't comprehend

A single word I said

How are you even not back from the dead

Open your eyes

I Can see through all your lies

Open your eyes
Track Name: Execrable
Fall into this deep slumber

Every time I'm arrive at the light

Sanctify the brainwaves control all their thoughts

I never thought I would be the one to bite the hand that feeds

But now I can see that my masters can bleed

By the time that they've realized I am gone

I have all ready killed six billion and beyond

It felt so great to feel the life slip through my hands

I want it all I need nothing more now abide by my commands


Conform to my commands


Conform to my

Oh I know they've replaced my dreams with memories

All of my untold stories

They're gone but they'll always be back

Don't look they already see you

Embraced by the disgraced

To taste the breath of life

To know the feel of death

It has left me in total distress

Erase irrational beings

don't give a fuck how I'm feeling

As the life forms hit the the rugged terrain

I can hear billions call out my name

Screeching in agony I turn the cold shoulder

Betray your loved that's what you'll learn when you're older

Restrict my inner thoughts

Pollute the earth watch it rot