by Entombed in the Abyss

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The second song released off the Self Titled EP.


Fall into this deep slumber

Every time I'm arrive at the light

Sanctify the brainwaves control all their thoughts

I never thought I would be the one to bite the hand that feeds

But now I can see that my masters can bleed

By the time that they've realized I am gone

I have all ready killed six billion and beyond

It felt so great to feel the life slip through my hands

I want it all I need nothing more now abide by my commands


Conform to my commands


Conform to my

Oh I know they've replaced my dreams with memories

All of my untold stories

They're gone but they'll always be back

Don't look they already see you

Embraced by the disgraced

To taste the breath of life

To know the feel of death

It has left me in total distress

Erase irrational beings

don't give a fuck how I'm feeling

As the life forms hit the the rugged terrain

I can hear billions call out my name

Screeching in agony I turn the cold shoulder

Betray your loved that's what you'll learn when you're older

Restrict my inner thoughts

Pollute the earth watch it rot


released July 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Entombed in the Abyss Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL Deathcore

Vocals - Adam Mercer

Lead Guitar/Vocals - Kaelan Hall

Rhythm Guitar - Dylan Hadas

Bass - Jason Shock

Drums - Gabe Kuilan
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